What my tattoos mean?

“What does it mean?” – is probably the most common question you’ll get asked if you have tattoos. As well as the other common one: “Did it hurt?” – of course it hurt!! Having a needle jabbed into you a dozen times a minute can be a little painful aha!! But nonetheless, a pain that a lot of tattoo lovers don’t mind having.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted tattoos. And like any teenager under 18, “MUM!!! Please can I get a tattoo now?!”, “Of course you can”, “Really?!?”, “Yes…when you’re 18.”  UGGGHHHH!!! But that I did, when I turned 18 years…young, I got my first tattoo.


My first tattoo was quite simple, if you can’t tell what it is…go back to school! But it’s the map outline of the USA. “What does it mean?” – again, for as long as I can remember I’ve always loved America. Why?! Their love for sport for one! Living there it was amazing to see that even at high school, the turn out at women’s basketball games was insane!! Not only parents with a daughter who was playing would attend, but also members of the public who were fans, ex pupils and more. I can remember playing football games at my secondary school….no one turned up. We were lucky if half a dozen people turned up to our college football games, and yet in America they have TV channels dedicated to College football (American football). 

My second and third tattoo resemble my family – I had my thigh tattoo done a few weeks before I left for America and my wrist one whilst I was in the states. Before I left for America, I really wanted to have something that reminded me of my family, so they were with me wherever I was going. The tattoo on my wrist is a copy of the “I love you” my sister wrote in my leavers book – she is stuck with me for life now!! Here’s an explanation of my thigh tattoo: the bee’s are for my Grandma’s – predominately for my Grandma B because she loves bee’s, but also for my Grandma Ivy (I plan to include ivy around the tattoo for her, but I need money first aha!); the orchid is for my Mother – an orchid is her ultimate favorite flower; the firefighters helmet is for my Father – if you couldn’t tell, he is a Fireman; the Robin stood on top is for my step-grandfather, who is sadly not with us anymore – but a man who made a great impact in not only my life but my families life; the L is for my Grandfather – he’s a driving instructor; and finally, the whole thing is in a balloon to resemble a friend of mine.

tattoo on back

My fourth tattoo is situated on my back. I got this tattoo a few months after I returned home from America in 2016. It’s a simple-adventure style tattoo: it’s to symbolise the end of a grand adventure I was blessed enough to go on.

tattoo blog

To date, the final tattoo I have is this Butterfly on my wrist. There is quite a long winded reason behind this one, so I’ll try and be as short and sweet as I possibly can – but if you’ve read my college essays, you’ll know short & sweet isn’t my thing. Now we’ve all heard about the butterfly effect: “that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.” – now have you heard the many quotes about butterflies?! if you live on pinterest and have a love for quotes, I’m sure you have – “Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly.” or “without change there would be no butterflies.” These quotes are the reason for that tattoo. When I leave this world, I want to have made a difference. But the problem I’ve always faced with that is that I’m no politician, I’m neither rich nor famous and I am a small girl from a very small town – what difference can I make?! And that is where the butterfly effect comes in to play. A butterfly is smaller than my hands, and one flap of its wings and it can send storms halfway across the world – so no matter how small of a thing I do, it can make a difference and create an impact to someone somewhere. Finally, change is a big and scary thing: but with change comes a beautiful butterfly.

Now I can continue to talk about that butterfly tattoo for hours, but I don’t want to bore you too much!! I have plenty more ideas for tattoos in the future, and I even have one booked right now – I couldn’t be any more excited!! 

My body is my Journal, and my tattoos are my story – Johnny Depp


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