It’s a young mum thing

My sister, Lauren, is a 21 year old Mother to two adorable-troublesome young boys: Archiebald is 4 years young and Charlie is 2 years young. If you need a little help doing the math, yes! She was 16 years young when she found out she was pregnant with Archiebald – she was a young mum. In the 21st century that we live in, being a young mum, even a young dad, is not as uncommon as it may seem. But what can be quite common, is the amount of slander and rolled eyes that come with the job. Luckily for my sister, she was surrounded by a loving family who have given her an abundance of help throughout her almost 5 years of motherhood – feel old yet Lauren?! But unfortunately, this is not always the case for some young mums. As she, and if you’re a young mum reading this right now, have found out, it is one hell of a scary; enjoyable; wonderful roller coaster ride. So I thought I would use my sisters expertise and this blog, as a way of giving advice and helping anyone who needs it. As well as, a way of telling her story… so here goes:  lauren mother post real

I never really understood the slander young mums got until I became one…

At a young age of 16 I pissed on that stick, which is a lot harder then you think: Wee too much you flood the system, not enough wee and there’s no result. I never knew timing the amount of wee needed was so important – and difficult! I remember the day well –  I’d finished college, walked to my boyfriends flat and passed out on the bed as soon as my head hit the pillow! I’d been doing that a lot; one of the many reasons we felt like buying that overly priced life changing stick to pee on! So after my nice 3 hour nap I decided it was time to find out – now I must say, waiting for that bloody loading sign to disappear to reveal your results, honestly feels like the longest few minutes of your life!

And…Boom! We are pregnant! 3+ weeks according to the stick…What do you do now?!

Oh how I wished that stick would have instructions on what to do next! Do we tell our parents?! Run & hide?! Maybe even change our identity and flee the country was an option…but we gathered telling the parents would be a good start: but how? How do you, a 16 year old girl; who’d just started college; her whole life in front of her, tell her parents she’s having a baby? Man you need a book on that –  “oh hey guys, is that a grey hair you’re both getting? just in time aye, you’re going to be grandparents!” – Pffft!! It’s not that’s easy!

So here’s where I started to find out what being a young pregnant girl really was like. The fear!! What will people say? What will my parents say? What will my friends think? What about college?

After a long weekend settling to the idea that there was a small, little alien looking thing growing inside me, that had arms; legs; even a heart beat, and developing all the small tiny features that will soon resemble a baby: it was time to tell the parents.

You don’t realise till you become a parent; but the disappointment my mum and dad showed, (which I thought was a total over reaction) is in fact not because they’re mad –  but because they had my life planned out. My mum was a young mum and I now know she just wanted me to enjoy my younger days because she didn’t.

My parents were supportive from the minute it sunk in, and we all realised this is happening, there’s nothing we can do now. I think that’s a thing about being a parent, you will always support and help your child no matter what situation they are in!

So now the next step…

What the Fuck do we do now! (P.S Mum, these were her words…not mine)

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