It didn’t quite go to plan | Yorkshire Dales trip.

On the 27th May, I dragged my family to what we thought would be a little weekend camping trip…how wrong we were!! Ever since returning home from America, I’ve had this urge to see and capture some Waterfalls. So after countless hours researching the best place to go waterfall hunting in the UK, I stumbled across the perfect place: The Ingleton Waterfall Trail.


The week leading up to our mini adventure was absolutely beautiful. The temperature consistently stayed above 20c – for English people that is scorching hot!! And the morning we set off, the weather did not disappoint.


After a three hour drive: we arrived at our destination at roughly 11am, paid for our entrance and parked up. After getting all our gear; picnic (very important) and my camera gear…and not forgetting the dog; then making a quick toilet stop – we set off on our adventure. The weather was still amazing, the heat plus the over hanging trees, sound of water running and birds chirping – it made me feel as though I was in some foreign country.


Now I was born and lived 4 years of my life down south, where the hills are insane!! However, I’ve lived the majority of my life in the Midlands where it is flatter than a pancake. The smallest of mound gets you out of breath, and stairs?! Who needs stairs when everything is super flat. So…this trail was breath-taking and not just for it’s beauty. It was honestly a workout – but we conquered it!!


After a fair few minutes walking and the odd sniff stop for Texas (my dog) – we reached out first waterfall. And it was a beauty.

Living in a city or town, you are constantly reminded of all the things you don’t have; the latest phone; the most-expensive car; that fashionable jacket; or the latest and biggest craze…the fidget spinner – what is this world coming to?! But walking through the country side, it makes you realise how lucky you are and allows you to appreciate all the things you do have; a life; a family; a roof over your head; food at your beck and call; and much more.

Standing, staring and listening to a waterfall for as little as a minute, is all the meditation in the world.


Continuing our walk along the trail, we came across this little beauty. If you had the correct shoes on – converses are not a good idea – you could even walk behind the waterfall, as many people did. Or simply sit on one of the many rocks scattered about and eat your picnic, or just relax after all the walking you’ve done and the many more steps you’re about to do.

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset


After a little splash in the water and a couple of long-exposure attempts, we headed off up the trail and out of the forest. We came across Ice-cream trucks and fields; sheep and birds; and not to forget there were a lot of funky smells…but i’d definitely trade car fumes for manure any day.


Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

After walking for a good few hours, we came across a nice little bench facing this little waterfall and decided to eat our lunch. Munching on our carrot sticks and salmon sandwiches, is when the weather took a turn for the worst. The heavens opened!! Not only did we get soaked on our stroll back to the car, but we always had to contend with the odd flash of lighting and rumble of thunder.

Once we reached our car, towel dried ourselves and the dog – we set off for our camping site. After a 30 minute drive, we reached the site. We parked up…and that was about as far as we got. We had no clue where we were supposed to go pay or even find out any information about the site. There weren’t any sign posting guiding us…nothing.

So, considering it was only 5’o’clock in the afternoon, we were all starving and it was raining – I made the executive decision that we would give up on camping and head home. But first – food!! Unfortunately, in this day and age finding somewhere to eat that will allow dogs is pretty uncommon. However, we stumbled upon the gold mine, and it isn’t that far from the trail either. Situated in Ingleton is the Wheatsheaf inn. It’s a beautiful pub-restaurant/hotel and the best part about this place – they allow dogs: to be specific, they say “Pets welcome.” So Texas came in and joined us at our table, and we then ordered our food and drinks, and they did not disappoint. We all ordered a prawn cocktail starter (it’s customary) and then I opted for the Pulled meat-beef burger and chips with a side of coleslaw. The portion sizes were amazing and the taste was outstanding, and did I mention Texas was allowed to come in with us?!

I have come to the conclusion that if we decide to go Waterfall hunting in Ingleton again, we must stop off at The WheatSheaf – and I recommend you guys do too!

All details on the Ingleton waterfall trail can be found here: 

And The Wheatsheaf Inn website:

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